Pulmonary Rehab Program 10 years old

Nice story of a successful pulmonary rehab program:

The Advocate – Pulmonary program thrives after 10 years
…Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, which began 10 years ago under Dr. Paul Sachs, director of pulmonary medicine at Stamford hospital. They celebrated the anniversary of the program to coincide with National Pulmonary Rehabilitation week, March 12-18.

“This program was wonderful,” said Burt, now a great-grandmother. “I still walk every day. I stick to the diet, and I feel wonderful.”

The program draws on specialists in the respiratory, physical therapy, occupational, nutritional and psychological fields, Sachs said. Patients learn to manage all aspects of living with such chronic lung diseases as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.

“You’re working with the whole body,” said Joan Fowler, 75. “You learn how to accept what’s going on with your body and you realize, ‘I’m not the only one like this.’ “

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