Electrohydrodynamic Aerosol Delivery

An aerosol type I had not heard of before, from a company called Ventaira:

Pulmonary Drug Delivery Using Mystic Technology
Ventaira’s pulmonary devices, which are based on electrohydrodynamic (EHD) aerosol delivery, enable efficient, safe and consistent delivery of drugs to and through the lungs.

Ventaira inhalation devices utilizing Mystic technology (EHD), deliver a low velocity, soft (isokinetic) cloud of uniformly sized particles with over 80 percent of the drug getting to the lungs. This is accomplished without the need for liquid propellants or other pressurized systems.

The aerosol mist is delivered using the patient’s own breath (inspiration), meaning that the patient can easily control the drug delivery. The delivery mechanism is especially suited for use with young children, seniors, and patients with impaired respiratory function.

March 21, 2006

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