First Design for Pandemic Ventilator Posted

I have the first design for the Pandemic Ventilator up on my blog at Pandemic Ventilator Project

This is a design for a ventilator you can build yourself from readily available parts such a pipe, tubing electrically operated valves, a Programable Logic Controller (PLC) and a regular computer (PC) if a pandemic arrives. The software to drive the equipment and operate all of the alarm systems will be available as free and open source. Please click on the Digg icon and send this URL to your friends if you think that this is a worthwhile project and that I should keep working on it.

March 20, 2007

One response to “First Design for Pandemic Ventilator Posted”

  1. Dreamer says:

    I have built the first ventilator prototype and have test run it with the control software. I still have to add the pressure sensor and alarm systems. There is much to do yet. You can see pictures of it and a video of it actually running at my blog at:

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