Variety of things can trigger asthma | Variety of things can trigger asthma
The triggers for asthma run the gamut from the obvious to the odd — not just secondhand smoke and cat fur and perfumes and pollen but vigorous laughing or a good cry. Anything that irritates the lungs can make a susceptible person wheeze or worse, explains respiratory therapist Valerie Morgan-Wallace.

Consumer Reports On Roomba – DME?

Roomba and Respiratory Care… a connection I never would have imagined. Maybe Roomba needs DME (durable medical equipment) status.

Consumer Reports On Roomba
Several people with respiratory problems like allergies were extremely happy because the Roomba tirelessly cleans their rooms even when they are too tired to vacuum.

Asthma Control Superbowl Commercial – Google Video

An ad on the Super Bowl for : watch it here:Jerome Bettis: Asthma Control Test – Google Video
Informaton about this ads: Produced by Advair for GlaxoSmithKline.

Asthma doesn’t stop The Bus, and it doesn’t have to stop you. Take the Asthma Control Test (TM) and share your results with your doctor. Take the Asthma Control Test and know your asthma score. The American Lung Association supports the Asthma Control Test and wants everyone 12 years of age and older with asthma to take it, no matter how well controlled you think your asthma is. This commercial aired during the 2006 Super Bowl.